5th Edition

Join Us in NYC
May 25-26, 2021

Event For Importers and Distributors

To Learn, Network and Source.

by Beverage Trade Network

Modern Selling for Distributors and Importers Session

A must-attend session for you and your sales team. Accelerate your sales performance. By Ben Salisbury.

The focus of the session is exploring NEW thinking and MODERN approaches to selling. Not only has the wine & spirits industry changed significantly in the last 5-10 years but selling as a profession has changed. We'll explore these changes in depth and prepare you to be more effective in the modern environment.

You'll be asked not only to open your mind to new ways of thinking and new possibilities but to "unlearn" some of the things you've been taught. Along the way, we're going to bust a few "myths" and poke our finger in the eye of some deeply held beliefs that have become obsolete. 

Selling today is no longer about pitching and persuading, and overcoming objections. It's not even about the features and benefits of your product. "Modern" selling is about bringing true business value to the buyer-seller relationship. The centerpiece of this new mindset is demonstrating solid business acumen through the use of data, technology, and all the best practices that go with it.

Attendees will walk away with fresh thinking and powerful new ideas about how to dramatically accelerate their sales. This would be the best investment you will make to sell more. Take advantage and get your ticket for $75. Seats are limited so we encourage you to book today.

Who should attend?

  • Sales personnel of wine, beer and spirits importers and distributors

  • Sales leaders

  • Owners

  • Anyone who is responsible for or contributes to sales results

What you will learn?

  • How our industry changed, how selling as a profession has changed, and what you need to do to adapt to the new environment

  • How it is not only possible to do more with less, but it's mandatory. 

  • Time is a sales person's most precious asset. You'll learn new strategies for being more effective in the use of your time.

  • Why most sales training doesn't work

  • Some of the most common "traps" salespeople fall into

  • We'll bust some myths and deeply held beliefs and open your mind to new thinking and modern approaches to selling

  • How to leverage data, technology, and the best practices that go with them

  • What is CRM and how is it poised to change the wine selling game

  • How and why to narrow the focus of sales activity to dramatically improve sales results

  • What to measure and why

  • Why sales incentives usually don't work and what to do about it

You will also get sales materials and recorded video presentation. This would be the best investment you will make to sell more. 

"Ben delivered just what our teams needed.   A thought-provoking, interactive, and well overdue modern approach to sales.He laid out why the old school sales methods just don’t resonate with buyers.  Not today, not ever. Best part about it?  It was all data driven, proving the concepts work.  A worthwhile investment that will continue to pay annuities for my team for years to come" Said Mike Sullivan, Regional Sales Manager, PA & DE, Constellation Brands 

"Ben thanks very much for your time and expertise this week. I know the team as a whole, and as individuals, will be armed and even more dangerous starting today. You engaged, listened, inspired new thinking and rose to the occasion of motivating 7 people toward what can be even sharper skills-a very successful day indeed!" Said Ryan Maher, VP National Accounts, Tito's Handmade Vodka