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Photo for: Welcoming Wesley Phillips, Business Development Manager at Glunz Beer As a Speaker For USATT 2024


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Welcoming Wesley Phillips, Business Development Manager at Glunz Beer As a Speaker For USATT 2024


Wesley Phillips, Business Development Manager at Glunz Beer, has two decades of beverage business knowledge, developed via strategic roles and unique experiences. Join us for his enlightening keynote presentation at the 2024 USA Trade Tasting.

We're excited to introduce Wesley Phillips, Business Development Manager at Glunz Beer, as a notable speaker at the 2024 USA Trade Tasting in Chicago this May. With nearly two decades of experience in the beverage sector, Wesley adds an abundance of knowledge and skills to our trade show.

Wes graduated with honors from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, with an English degree that particularly equipped him for a career that required good communication and strategic thinking skills. His career in the beverage industry began at the Hopleaf, paving the way for a remarkable ascent through the ranks at Windy City Distribution, eventually landing him in his current position at Glunz Beer.

Wes has been a driver for growth and innovation throughout his career, including time at a Chicago marketing agency where he worked with a wide range of manufacturers, from technology companies to luxury items. During his term as Director of Business Development, he curated a varied portfolio of craft and specialty import suppliers, exhibiting a sharp eye for new trends and market potential.


Wesley has a diverse history in sales, marketing, and hospitality, which has given him a sophisticated view of the sector. His expertise extends beyond the boardroom, as he enthusiastically shares his love of beer with sales teams, merchants, and consumers alike. Since 2016, he has served as an adjunct faculty member at the Siebel Institute of Technology, shaping the future of the beverage business by sharing his essential insights with the next generation of industry experts.

Outside of the boardroom, Wes is a gourmet enthusiast who enjoys exploring Chicago's diverse food scene and beyond. Whether he's in the kitchen or rooting for his favorite Chicago sports teams, his excitement for life is captivating and encouraging.

Wesley will join us as a speaker at the 2024 USA Trade Tasting, focusing on providing importers, distributors, retailers, and restaurateurs with the skills and tactics they need to build their businesses in an ever-changing market situation. Drawing on his extensive experience, Wesley will deliver essential insights and actionable suggestions that promise to propel your company to new heights.