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Know your speakers of USATT 2024


Join us at USA Trade Tasting 2024 in Chicago to hear Christopher Lackner of Hemp Beverage Alliance discuss the problems and potential in the hemp beverage industry.

As we gear up for the USA Trade Tasting (USATT) 2024, we are running an interview series on "Know Your Speakers". To ensure we present you in the best light and provide our attendees with a comprehensive overview of what to expect from our speakers and the topics they present at the conference. 

In the upcoming 8th edition of the USA Trade Tasting (USATT) set to dazzle the dynamic city of Chicago, we are thrilled to spotlight one of our esteemed speaker, Christopher Lackner.

Image: Christopher Lackner, Hemp Beverage Alliance (Founder and President)

Christopher brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to USATT 2024. With a background that includes co-founding a New York-based CBD cocktail company and serving as vice president of public affairs for an international cannabinoid extraction company, Christopher's journey has positioned him at the forefront of the hemp movement. Today, as the leader of Hemp Beverage Alliance, he represents over 150 brands, supply chain partners, service providers, hemp associations, and retailers, advocating for the interests and advancement of the hemp beverage sector.

At USATT 2024, Christopher will delve into the "Hemp Beverages - Challenges and Opportunities for Distributors," offering attendees a comprehensive understanding of this innovative category. Participants can look forward to gaining invaluable insights from his keynote or panel talk, including:

Deep Dive into Hemp Beverages

Learn about the intricacies of hemp beverages, from production to market trends, and understand what sets this category apart.

Navigating Regulatory Challenges

Christopher will shed light on the complex regulatory landscape surrounding hemp beverages, guiding attendees through the "grey areas" and offering strategies for compliance and success.

Exploring Distributor Opportunities

Discover the potential that hemp beverages hold for distributors, including emerging trends and consumer demand.

Strategic Recommendations

Gain practical advice on how distributors can effectively incorporate hemp beverages into their portfolios, addressing considerations such as market positioning and consumer education.

Fostering a Thriving Marketplace

Learn about the efforts to create a safe, transparent, and prosperous hemp beverage market, and how attendees can contribute to and benefit from this growing industry.

Christopher Lackner's session promises to be a highlight of USATT 2024, offering attendees a rare opportunity to explore the hemp beverage industry from one of its leading voices. Whether you're a distributor looking to expand your portfolio or an industry stakeholder keen on understanding the dynamics of hemp beverages, Christopher's talk is poised to provide valuable insights and actionable recommendations.

Stay tuned for a session that will not only enlighten but also inspire action towards a vibrant future for hemp beverages in the beverage distribution landscape.


The USA Trade Tasting event is more than just a showcase; it's an important platform for fostering business opportunities, enhancing industry knowledge, and connecting professionals across the wine and spirits landscape. 

Christopher's participation promises to be a highlight, offering attendees a unique opportunity to gain insights from one of the industry's most knowledgeable and passionate figures.

USA Trade Tasting is organised by Beverage Trade Network and will be getting organised on May 22-23 2024 in Chicago.  We invite you all to get your free visitor tickets before february 29, 2024. Prices will then go up and the free ticket offer will end.

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