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Bars and Restaurants That are Elevating Chicago Drinks Scene


Check out Chicago's Top 10 Bars and Restaurants Elevating The Drinks Scene with Quality Libations and Unique Flair.

The Chicago drinks scene has been elevated by numerous bars and restaurants prioritizing quality, innovation, and a diverse range of beverages. These establishments contribute to the city's vibrant and evolving drinks landscape. Here are some bars and restaurants that are making a significant impact on the Chicago drinks scene:

1. The Aviary

Image Source: The Aviary

Known for its avant-garde cocktail creations, It takes mixology to the next level. With an emphasis on molecular gastronomy, this cocktail bar offers a unique and immersive drinking experience.

2. Violet Hour

Image Source: The Violet Hour

This iconic cocktail lounge in Wicker Park focuses on classic and contemporary cocktails made with precision and attention to detail. The Violet Hour's commitment to craft cocktails has earned it a loyal following.

3. Three Dots and a Dash

Image Source: Three Dots and a Dash

Another celebrated tiki bar in Chicago, Three Dots and a Dash serves up exotic and beautifully garnished drinks in a playful and vibrant atmosphere.

4. Billy Sunday

Image Source: Billy Sunday

A cocktail-focused bar with a commitment to using house-made ingredients and unique spirits. Its extensive list of vintage and rare spirits sets it apart.

5. The Publican

Image Source: The Publican

This European-inspired beer hall and restaurant emphasizes beer as the perfect complement to its hearty, communal meals. It features an impressive beer list focusing on Belgian and local brews.

6. Bar Kumiko

Image Source: Bar Kumiko

A Japanese-inspired bar offering a selection of craft cocktails and an impressive range of Japanese whisky. It's known for its attention to detail and hospitality.

7. Longman & Eagle

Image Source: Longman & Eagle

A gastropub with an exceptional whiskey selection, Longman & Eagle is a popular spot for those looking to explore an extensive list of bourbons and other spirits.

8. Dusek's Board & Beer

Image Source: Dusek's Board & Beer

This Pilsen-based gastropub offers a thoughtfully curated beer list, focusing on craft and international brews. It also features an inviting atmosphere for enjoying food and drinks.

9. The Berkshire Room

Image Source: The Berkshire Room

A classic cocktail lounge with a diverse and well-crafted cocktail menu, including its famous "Dealer's Choice" option.

10. Cindy's Rooftop

Image Source: Cindy's Rooftop

Located on top of the Chicago Athletic Association Hotel, Cindy's Rooftop offers fantastic views of Millennium Park and Lake Michigan, along with a great cocktail program.

These bars and restaurants have not only elevated Chicago's drinks scene but have also gained recognition on a national and international scale for their dedication to the art of mixology, craft beer, and unique beverage experiences. Whether you're a cocktail enthusiast, beer lover, or spirits connoisseur, these establishments offer something special for everyone.