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Wine Thieves

2023 USATT Exhibitors


The name Wine Thieves derives from the novel written by Georgian classic writer Shio Aragvispireli. According to the story, four mischievous villagers sneak into a stingy neighbor’s wine cellar, crack open his Kvevri (egg-shaped earthenware vessel) and start drinking the wine stored inside. As they get drunk and rambunctious with Georgian toasts and song, the noise accidentally wakes Elibo - the winemaker who ends up joining their feast.

The idea of creating the Wine Thieves (Gvinis Qurdebi) emerged in 2016 when several friends, who enjoyed Georgian wine, found out that the larger portion of finest Georgian family wines remained unknown on the western markets. The philosophy of the company is to promote the advantage of Kvevri Wine (large, egg-shaped amphorae without handles, buried under the ground) and present the great potential of Georgian traditional winemaking method to the world. Company produces up to seven Georgian wine varieties including: Rkatsiteli, Saperavi, Kisi, Khikhvi, Mtsvane, Tsolikouri and Rachuli Tetra.

For more information, visit: Wine Thieves