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Slim Chillers

2023 USATT Exhibitors

Slim Chillers was formed on the premise that it is not only possible, but also highly probable, to have an adult frozen Cocktail without all the unforgiving calories AND still make it taste great as well!Slim Chillers spent the greater part of a year striving to create the perfect frozen Cocktail that would appeal to a discerning Palate; delivering lower calories, great mouth feel, and fantastic flavor.


The creation of these new types of Cocktails and mixes were no easy task. Of course we wanted lower calories but what the alcohol in our Martini Freezers…we certainly didn’t want to utilize inferior “Malts” or “wines” for what we felt truly was to be a premium beverage. Our Skinny Freezers uses only 8 times distilled, Triple Filtered, Vodka; along with select, carefully balanced flavors and ingredients to create the best tasting Frozen Vodka Martini in 4 outstanding flavors! For more information, visit: Slim Chillers