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Do you really understand how your wine distributors work?


Decoding Wine Distribution: Insider Insights for Brands and Suppliers

If you are a brand, it's very important for you to understand what a wine distributor is really looking for from a supplier and how they operate.

In this video, Sid Patel, CEO of USA Trade Tasting and Beverage Trade Network takes you inside one of Chicago’s top wine wholesalers and chats with Ian Louisignau, Director of Sales and Portfolio Manager at Maverick Wine Company.

Ian lays out their role in the wine and spirits world, how they operate, what kind of suppliers they are looking for, and how suppliers can partner with them.

“If a brand succeeds in the market, everyone will win. Everyone must continue to win for a brand to succeed at all times. That involves the consumer, retailer, distributors, importers and producers”, Sid Patel.

If you are an importer or a distributor, here are a few important things to look for in a new supplier:

  1. State count

  2. Retail penetration of the brand per state

  3. SKU count

  4. Pallet configuration and minimum orders

  5. Pick-up location and costs.

  6. In Market Sales Rep

  7. $ per case Support contribution

  8. Case Volume Goal

  9. Top-line advertising and awareness

  10. Marketing budget

  11. Supplier mindset on win: win

  12. Access to chains

  13. Point of sale and packaging mentality.

Here is the entire video conversation on how wine distributors really work.

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