The New Brand Craft Phenomenon: An Even Better Future


During his presentation at USATT 2017 (“The New Brand / Craft Phenomenon”), John Beaudette, President and CEO of MHW, Ltd., emphasized that “The perfect beverage alcohol storm is here.” Continue reading

USA Trade Tasting Event Reports Record Turnout In Its Third Year


The momentum behind the USA Trade Tasting event in New York City continues to build. In 2018, the show reported record-setting turnout, driven by continued growth within the U.S. wine & spirits marketplace. In 2017, the show had over 130 exhibitors and 2,000 participants over a two-day period. The numbers for 2018 are already in, and they show a steep 10% growth in both the number of exhibitors and participants.

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Visitor Registrations Now Open for Both USATT & ABID Conference

In May 2019, New York City will once again become the center of the alcohol beverage trade, as two major events open their doors to members of the wine and spirits industry: the United States Trade Tasting (USATT) event and the Alcohol Beverage Importers & Distributors (ABID) conference. Both of these events will take place on May 13-14 at the Metropolitan Pavilion, and both of them are now open for conference registration.

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